Polychain Capital Team Token Foundry (www.tokenfoundry.io) Team Status Team Cryptiv Polymath - Big Blue Bull AidCoin Team Quantstamp - Proof of Caring 🎉 Zeppelin 🎉 Joanne and Fred Wilson 🦊 The MetaMasketeers 🦊 nullc 0x56c915758ad3f76fd287fff7563ee313142fb663 Team 0x 🚀 team ælf Cyber Fund 🎅 Team Augur 🎅 Blockgeeks 0x0370c026b24830fe64e9b7f3c70cf0b4d65b2e3f Bounty0x - Christmas Bounty Team Truebit <3 Protocol Labs Citizen Hex Chase Griff Green All you need is love 0x01e4276d3e42dfffbb38f7d01404175e4c480315 Robbie Bent Bounty0x Brought Me Here <3 0xedb328a8641738818420cec27652d16228660ffa 0x35713c4a579ddecbfc69ba5c4f5827da46114566 Pactum
Ornament Amount Donor
1 18.5000 ETH Polychain Capital Team
2 10.4000 ETH Token Foundry (www.tokenfoundry.io)
3 7.7100 ETH Team Status
4 7.6900 ETH Team Cryptiv
5 7.3331 ETH Polymath - Big Blue Bull
6 6.0082 ETH AidCoin Team
7 6.0081 ETH Quantstamp - Proof of Caring
8 5.5555 ETH 🎉 Zeppelin 🎉
9 5.5000 ETH Joanne and Fred Wilson
10 5.2500 ETH 🦊 The MetaMasketeers 🦊
11 5.2000 ETH nullc
12 5.0000 ETH 0x56c915758ad3f76fd287fff7563ee313142fb663
13 5.0000 ETH Team 0x 🚀
14 5.0000 ETH team ælf
15 5.0000 ETH Cyber Fund
16 5.0000 ETH 🎅 Team Augur 🎅
17 4.3675 ETH Blockgeeks
18 3.0000 ETH 0x0370c026b24830fe64e9b7f3c70cf0b4d65b2e3f
19 2.1000 ETH Bounty0x - Christmas Bounty
20 2.0000 ETH Team Truebit <3
21 1.9900 ETH Protocol Labs
22 1.3370 ETH Citizen Hex
23 1.2500 ETH Chase
24 1.1111 ETH Griff Green
25 0.6327 ETH All you need is love
26 0.6078 ETH 0x01e4276d3e42dfffbb38f7d01404175e4c480315
27 0.5583 ETH Robbie Bent
28 0.5100 ETH Bounty0x Brought Me Here <3
29 0.5005 ETH 0xedb328a8641738818420cec27652d16228660ffa
30 0.5000 ETH 0x35713c4a579ddecbfc69ba5c4f5827da46114566
31 0.4000 ETH Pactum
32 0.3000 ETH 0x5cb479db92ce3572383837c9775639dc373e4194
33 0.2044 ETH 0xeed16856d551569d134530ee3967ec79995e2051
34 0.2000 ETH Satoshi
35 0.2000 ETH 0x90c690e194ac53564b2e03ad2b54953d6266afb2
36 0.1950 ETH 0x7eee1ec1ebfca72baef8c6b5a2ea112f752def4a
37 0.1861 ETH 0x4e2b1494b241803cba467f11cf077243b147643b
38 0.1850 ETH 0x267be1c1d684f78cb4f6a176c4911b741e4ffdc0
39 0.1700 ETH 0xc769f86f13a003f76824c61f65077e1cd25181e4
40 0.1500 ETH 0x7221b104fba7701084759fd25faca19ac6300855
41 0.1394 ETH 0x00d58ad7cc9ce62b9b160af259e4d15bb496df0a
42 0.1280 ETH 0xf9cfc99f8c7e3c007d072298da3fea4db2a15439
43 0.1198 ETH 0xb77ff986f65be28300bba162efe2bc5ad1cfb966
44 0.1000 ETH 0xb6aac3b56ff818496b747ea57fcbe42a9aae6218
45 0.1000 ETH 0x3ba09bcb644a82ecd80a83abeb01a318b51f4352
46 0.1000 ETH 🦅
47 0.1000 ETH 0xdf842962c53ac967e3431803344e97b6b7b46f6b
48 0.1000 ETH 0xd93c5b5ad28b95cc9f422c99ecbc2eb62ddf3f7b
49 0.1000 ETH 0x0a00c7d9080b5ea96d87027222289502af24ebba
50 0.0971 ETH 0x5b4c3e8ff02896b0400e19adce5e10d2d82694b0

A Christmas tree lit up by crypto donations from around the world, powered by Ethereum.

Merry Merkle tree is a decentralized giving project enabled by the Ethereum Blockchain. This holiday season, we’re challenging the Toronto and global crypto community's generosity in donating what they can to a Toronto homeless youth shelter (Covenant House) via the “Merry Merkle Tree” structure!

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Thank You to the blockchain community!

Merry Merkle Initiative has raised over $200,000 CAD this holiday season in support of programs at Covenant House Toronto, Canada’s largest agency serving at-risk, homeless and trafficked youth.

This astounding contribution will make a huge difference in the lives of vulnerable youth by providing nearly nine months of food and shelter for approximately 100 youth a day.

Message from Covenant House

"We are truly grateful to everyone who came together to create an amazing event so that we could receive our very first cryptocurrency donations,”-- says Bruce Rivers, Executive Director of Covenant House Toronto.

“The cryptocurrency community is an incredibly generous group of people, and this event just goes to show what a difference you can make when you team up in support of a cause."

Covenant House

As Canada’s largest agency serving at-risk, homeless and trafficked youth, Covenant House Toronto provides the widest range of services and support to as many as 250 youth a day. More than a place to stay, we provide 24/7 crisis shelter and transitional housing on-site and in the community, along with comprehensive services including education, counselling, health care, employment assistance, job training and aftercare.

To do all this, we rely on donors for more than 80 percent of our $27-million annual operating budget. Our doors are open to youth 16 to 24 regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or the circumstances that have brought them to our doors.

Since opening our doors in 1982, Covenant House has served almost 95,000 young people.

Learn more about the Covenant House.


Special thanks to all the people in the community that came together to make this project come to life in only 1 week.